Monday, August 3, 2009

Sagebrush Dreams (Limited Edition Kit)

Hi there everyone! Here is a little beaut' I put together and now I am just sitting here ogling over it. It reminds me of sagebrush and sort of has that dreamy quality, so that's how I chose the name. Hee hee!

NEW REDUCED LOW PRICE: Only $20 (including US shipping)

Be sure to CLICK HERE to see the Slide show pictures for close ups of this kit.

At $25 shipped, the kit also includes an alpha and one more trim I dropped while videoing. :) (That's a lotta mojo for your dough joe!) ;) So maybe I need a nap... Ha ha. Enjoy guys!

If you would like this kit in your hot little hands, or you have a question, please email us at Or... You can also use the chat box on our home page.


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