Monday, September 28, 2009


Did you know. . . ?

In order to better serve you by making our kits as outstanding as possible, sometimes individual pieces may vary.

For example: Say we want to put some gorgeous tags from a 12x12 sheet in a Limited Edition kit. Instead of using an entire sheet for one kit, we may split the tags as evenly as possible (dividing by size, shape & pattern, etc.) between 4 kits. There are several reasons why this makes our kits better!
  1. First, your kit may be an original! How awesome is it that you get a one of a kind piece.
  2. Second, it would be difficult to use an entire sheet of similar tags (or other items) on one mini. Right?
  3. **Third, and this is awesome: The 1st kit to go out usually gets packed with the extras. (Meaning, if we design an LE kit and have 14 tags to divide between 4 kits, everyone gets 3 right? But then we throw the extra 2 into the first kit.) All the more reason to jump on them when you love them, ya know?
  4. Last, we use what we have saved to pack your kits with lots of great scrappy goodies!

So from time to time, you may see YMV (Yours May Vary) on descriptions of our kits. That just means, your kit will be just as special, but may not be exactly as pictured. We aim to serve, so let us know if you have questions.

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